Frequently Asked Questions

El Roi Apparel Support Q&A

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

A: Allow 1-2 business days for your order to fully process. Then, your order will be shipped and you will receive an email notification of your tracking information.

All orders are shipped with USPS First-Class, which takes about 1-5 business days.

Q: How can I find my size?

A: We have sizes that are based on hips and waist measurements. Here is an illustration of how to measure your hips and waist. On each product listing, there is a size chart in the photo gallery.

Q: Is there a shipping fee?

A: No. All orders are available for free shipping!

Q: How can I return an item?

A: See our Return Policy page for the details.

Golf Q&A

Q: What is the best clothing to wear while golfing?

A: There are some golf pieces you can gather to get great outfits together. For tops, mock neck shirts and collared shirts are acceptable. No t-shirts, tank tops, or tube tops. Tennis dresses are acceptable. If you are going to do any sleeveless tops, make sure it is collared.

As for bottoms, pocketed pants and skorts are great. If you are to wear a skirt, make sure you wear shorts underneath. No leggings, no skirts or shorts that are too revealing.

Hats and visors are acceptable.

Avoid any inappropriate graphics that are visible.

As for shoes, many golf courses do not permit you to wear metal spikes on the bottom of your shoes. So, if you are to wear golf shoes, make sure they are rubber, plastic, or non metal spikes. No boots, sandals or street style shoes are allowed.

Be mindful that these are the general dress code guidelines of what golf courses may expect from golfers. So, be sure to check with the golf course you are visiting to see what their specific expectations are.

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Loungewear Q&A

Q: What is considered loungewear?

A: Loungewear is any clothing item that is meant to wear to lounge in your home or run errands in. This type of clothing is designed to be comfortable and can even be dressed up or down. You do not have to be limited in your style! Be you.

Q: Is loungewear the same as sleepwear?

A: No. Loungewear is meant to be worn in the day while sleepwear is meant to be worn throughout the night. Generally, the materials for sleepwear tend to be much more delicate and not suitable to wear throughout the day while you’re out and about.

Q: Can you wear loungewear in public?

A: You sure can! Loungewear is meant to be worn inside and outside your home.